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The last state-run traditional grocery in Beijing
Zhaofujie Grocery, known as the last state-run grocery in Beijing, is popular among Beijingers who enjoy its authentic soya bean sauce, sesame sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, pickles and other old-Beijing foodstuffs and goods.
Top 10 most attractive hutongs
The Hutong, an old-style city alley or lane, is one of the most distinctive features and must-see attractions in Beijing. The followings are the top 10 attractive hutongs in Beijing.
Enjoy peaceful life in Wudaoying Hutong
This is one of Beijing's oldest Hutongs, yet it is also the city's newest trendy hangout.
Yandai Xiejie (Skewed Smoking Pipe Street)
This 300-meter-long hutong is said to be one of the oldest commercial streets in Beijing.
Mao'er Hutong (Hat Alley)
The Keyuan Garden, a well-preserved private garden, is located in this neighborhood.
Check out the three most interesting hutongs in Beijing.
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